Rhubarb-Rhubarb has grown from twelve years of Seeing the Light – a training agency dedicated to developing new talent, and the Rhubarb-Rhubarb Festival of the Image. The annual Festival consolidates our projects and events, interests and allies, bringing together the work of local, national and international photographers through exhibitions, debate, managing light business mentoring schemes, publication, sales and representation, advocacy of good practice and strategic partnerships.

Rhubarb-Rhubarb is The UK’s International Festival of the Image and is an exciting prospect for photographers who wish to profile their work to international audiences. Every year, around 60 international reviewers fly into Birmingham, for three days of portfolio sessions which photographers can book on line, choosing their own times and reviewers to suit their markets and aspirations.

A bit like an on line dating agency – you get to meet the person through their biographies and then experience the thrill of sitting down with them in real time. To gain advice, inspiration, opportunities and more insight into where your work fits into the international image world. Last year around 66of the photographers attending the event found some opportunity to sell, exhibit or publish their work.


When not showing folios in sessions, there are Floaters around to talk to, who literally do that – float between photographers and their folios, offering more ways to connect up with knowledge, experience and contemporary thinking. All this takes place in the Orange Studio, the wonderful rooftop venue with a garden, which has become a world favourite of reviewers who regularly attend festivals. Orange and Rhubarb work well together, with room also for the seminar and an exhibition opening.

The evenings are taken up with opportunities for visiting shows, seeing some of the world’s most desirable images on offer at the print auction, or collapsing with a good folio in the bar of the Burlington Hotel. 
We don’t ask much of our photographers, other than they are respectful of one another, the reviewers and the Seeing the Light team, some of whom are volunteering for the first time.


by Rhonda Wilson

Creative Director


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