Festival of Photojournalism „City Gijón”


Ninth edition of International Festival of Photojournalism „City Gijón” was held on June 8 – 17, 2005. “During this year’s festival we sought to retrieve reason of Don Quichote in order to traverse the world while “tracking wicked deeds”. Looking for traces of this idea in journalism, we tried to get closer to the ideal world of the knight from La Mancha – on four hundred years’ anniversary of publication of “Don Quichote”. Debates, conferences and workshops took place. Presentation of different artists allowed to present the way, in which journalists take care of “tracking wicked deeds at the different places in the world” (Javier Bauluz – festival director).


As it used to be every year night slide shows took place, during which works of journal photographers were presented. Some of them came to Gijón in order to carry on workshops with journalists and editors. Inter alia: Manoocher Deghati, Juan Medina, Miguel Ángel Larrea, Santi Lyon shared their theoretical and practical knowledge.


At the exhibition “Where the dreams die”, works of Juan Medina were gathered, who through the years documented phenomenon of immigration. Exhibition – “Mothers – lesbians” (“Madres lesbianes”) of Orian Eliçabe presented every day life of lesbian families – mothers and their daughters and sons.
Exhibition of contemporary Don Quichotes titled “tracking wicked deeds” (“Desfaciendo entuertos”) was an important element of the program. This collective exposition presented designs and persons, who in the contemporary world fight against giants – journalists documenting signs of injustice and breaking of human rights as well as acts of persons, who fight against this phenomenon with their effort and work.



Asociación Cultural CREAR

Plaza de la Soledad

9 – Bajo33 – 201 Gijón -Asturias