The Festival of Nature and Landscape Photography takes place, each summer, in La Gacilly in Brittany in the West of France. Whilst pursuing its intention of investigating and recording the state of Nature in all its varied aspects, the Festival offers visitors every year a varied insight into the fascinating field of nature and landscape photography.

Museums, showrooms and pedestrian precincts are transformed for the occasion of the festival into real art galleries. On show in the streets of a small village are works by photographers from different countries sharing space with wild flowers, roses and wisteria vines set against backdrops of granite and dark grey slate.
Besides welcoming high profile artists from all over the world, La Gacilly, a 17th century Breton village, is also home to thirty- three craftsmen and women. They include sculptors, weavers, painters and potters. Each year between April and the end of September, more than 120,000 visitors frequent the pedestrian-only streets of La Gacilly. It was in La Gacilly forty years ago that a man called Yves Rocher started a cottage industry producing natural herbal remedies. Since then, like the Mayflowers of Brittany, his business has blossomed.

Jacques Rocher, who is the President of the Festival had this to say : “I believe in the strength of the photographic image as an aid to our understanding of bio diversity and the vital need to preserve the natural heritage”.




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