Festival of Photography Funke’s Kolín



There are only few places in the Czech Republic that are as closely associated

with the avant-garde photography as the city of Kolin. It was in this particular city where Josef Sudek, Jaromír Funke and Eugen Wiskovsky (three world-renowned creators of modern Czech photography) crossed each other.


The first festival of photography in honour of Jaromír Funke and Josef Sudek – Funke;s Kolin (focused on experimental works) was organized by Polabsky kulturny nadace (The Elbe Cultural Foundation) under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in October, 1993. In the following years the festival focused on several distinctive features,  each year a specific theme was selected for the photographic event, allowing more complex insight at the present state of photography (in 1996 – Still Life, 1998 – Body, 2001 – Landscape, 2003 – Advertising). The festival offered a number of interesting exhibition spaces that enabled some non-traditional ways of presenting photography (a such as theatre rehearsal room, and Kolinís former castle and brewery), and, last but not least, the presentation of some remarkable personalities related both to the history of photography and to the city of Kolin itself (i.e.; the exhibition of Jaromír Funke arranged by Anna Farov). Over the past five years (since 2001) the festival has taken place every two years and has included works by more than 100 artists of such note as Ivan Pinkava, Pavel Mara, Miroslav Machotka, Vaclav Jirasek, Rudolf Sikora and many others; as well as the younger generation, e.g. Michaela Thelenova and Jiri Krenek). A number of curators from all over the country participated in organizing the exhibitions (Jolana Havelkova and Alea Kunea were among the co-founders, others have included e.g. Martina Pachmanova, Josef Moucha, Pavel Vana, Tomasz Pospech).


Funkeís Kolin festival has become the only regular event devoted to presenting contemporary photography in the Czech Republic and continues, albeit on a smaller scale, with similar foreign projects, such as The Month of Photography in Bratislava. The civic association Funkeís Kolin was established in the summer of 2004.




Festival of Photography Funke’s Kolín

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