Transphotographiques – International Festival of Photography in Lille


First edition of Transphotographiques festival took place in 2001 in the mining town, Lille, in northern France.

Establishing a place for presentation of photographs of Nord Pas de Calais region in France was the main aim of the first festival. The event was successful and it was repeated in 2004, when the main curator of the festival was the director of ďEuropean House of PhotographyĒ in Paris – Jean-Luc Monterosso.


Transphotographiques 2005 was held under the motto – “Hors circuits”,  which means “Beyond the trail”. Anne de Mondenard, who  is responsible for program (within organization and program) of the main exhibitions during this yearís edition of ďTansphotographiquesĒ says: ďLandscapes, deserts, inhabited places and places touched with urbanization – which we do not notice in a hurry – places secluded, because of their historical and political complexity, pictures showing space touched with intimacy… This yearís edition of Transphotographiques will allow us to get acquainted with photography, which researches exactly those territories.Ē  Thirteen exhibitions from the main program combined a characteristic look at the territory, space and landscape. They presented places and people located at the margins of the big world. Within ďHors circuitsĒ, works of the following authors were presented: Raymond Depardon, Paolo Roversi, Thibaut Cuisset, Manuel Litran, Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Daniel Quesnay, Philippe Dapvril, Olivier Mirguet, Guillaume Herbaut, Yto Barrada, Hugues de Wurstemberger, Thomas Mailaender, Sophie Ristelhueber. Exhibitions, which were presented within off program, meetings, conferences and slide presentations, accompanied the main expositions.

This yearís festival reached beyond French boundaries. This yearís edition of Transphotographiques included not only northern France, Nord Pas de Calais (towns: Lille, Valenciennes, Lens and Kortrijk), but also reached Belgian Courtrai.


Maison de la Photographie -

18, rue Frémy – LILLE