FotoFestival Naarden Festival-OFF 2011


The Festival-OFF actually already exists since the second photofestival in the fortified city of Naarden back in 1991. At the time the members of ‘Delta-F’ had their exhibition behind a shop-window at the Marktstraat (Market Street). They called their exhibition ‘Festival-OFF’. So that is actually what it is. The Festival-OFF is the collection of all photographers, professionals as well as amateurs who started their own exhibition, at their own risk and expenses. They even manage to find exhibition space each Festival. Some of them do succeed in getting some private sponsoring for framing and printing. The exhibition space is mainly provided by the residents, shops, bars and restaurants of Naarden-Vesting. Any shop-window, shed or garage will do. Some of the exhibitions are outside or in tents, caravans etc.


The name ‘Festival-OFF’ is ‘stolen’ from the famous French festival in Arles. It took until the 4th festival in 1995 when photographer Eddy van Wessel tried to get all the photographers to work together to get more publicity for the Festival-OFF. This resulted in a folder with city plan which contained all the information about the exhibitions. Because of the participating photographers and the cooperation of the citizens of Naarden, the trade and industry and the board of the Fotofestival Naarden (FFN) it became a success.
So we had to do it better in 1997. We asked advertising company ‘CSO Marketing Communicatie’ to help us out. And they did. From now on we had sponsoring, a very professional folder, posters, press releases, promotion material at the exhibition sites and not in the last place a lot of very good ideas.


The next festival will take place from the 21st. of may till the 19th. of june.
We will keep you posted from here about the exhibitions and other activities concerning the Festival-OFF.



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