International Meetings of Photography


Every month of October over 25 exhibitions and events are staged across of Plovdiv. International Meetings of Photography is the Bulgaria major international festival of photography offering general and specialist audience an almost month long celebration of photography in all its many forms.It has become an event which is awaited eagerly by photographers and lovers of photography. It has been adopted and supported by a whole network of associated organizations -the country’s foreign cultural missions playing a leading role among them and private individuals.The Festival has become a very much more serious concern. Quality and substance now weigh more heavily than the sheer number of participants. The organizers had already begun to reduce the number of exhibitions, and for the year 2005 they intend to concentrate on presenting the highest standard of work within the same carefully controlled number of individual exhibitions. The International meetings l offers the opportunity to pose again the question of the relationship between photography and art, and perhaps also, to reevaluate certain basic aspects of the core concepts which define us, consciously or subconsciously, as intelligent and social beings.

The annual encounters of photographers and audience are, as we are all aware, the result of the coordinated endeavors of many different organizations. The festival has always laid great emphasis on the positive effects of partnership with other institutions, manifested this year in the form of collaborations. There will also be the opportunity for debate on the seminars and Portfolio review where the photographers themselves will be able to exchange views and experiences.