FotoGrafia – International Rome Festival


FotoGrafia – International Rome Festival, promoted by the City of Rome and produced by Zone Attive, with the artistic direction of Marco Delogu, is the Italian contribution to the international network of the great photographic events.

FotoGrafia is always set in extraordinary locations, where the aim is to produce a high creative impact of contemporary art on historical sites: Trajan Markets, Palazzo Braschi, Terme di Diocleziano, Centrale Montemartini, Museum of Contemporary Art (Macro), Capitolini Museums – Palazzo Caffarelli, Trastevere Rome Museum, Fontana di Trevi Palace, Modern Art National Gallery, Andersen Museum and many other Roman symbols, premises that  in themselves enrich with depth and complexity the work of artist from all over the world.

Besides the exhibitions set in historical places in Rome, FotoGrafia hosts also a network of more than 60 galleries, clubs, bookshops and a full program of collateral events, meetings, videos and portfolios that turn Rome into a great Capital of Photography every spring. It is a network that encloses the entire urban space, to the last suburbs, so that photography is perceived by the city and its inhabitants an art that is not only “seen”, but experienced and fully lived, too.

Every year FotoGrafia chooses a theme to refer to, following the echoes and suggestions from the international scene and the facts of the world, selecting  photographers that do not limit themselves to representing the Real in mere esthetical terms, but bear important witness to our Time. The theme of the Festival 2006 was “Novecento” (the 20th Century): the century that the historian Eric J. Hobsbawn has defined “the most violent in human history”, but that has also been stage to great dreams, disillusions, collective hope and betrayed utopias, terrible wars and irrepressible progress. If History is witness to all that has happened in all its strength and tragedy during the 20th century is thanks above all to the work of photographers from all over the world. “Novecento” is a particular space in Time, and also something we keep going back to in our minds, notwithstanding the new perspectives and the new tragedies bursting on to the stage of History every day. “Novecento”, once again thanks to photography, not only stands for a means to interpret the recent past, but also to help us construct our own contemporaneity, looking for new points of view, new stories to be told, new questions for our times.


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