Aspects (International Meetings of Photography)


The year 1974 was landmark for modern Greece. Αt that time, the dictatorship was catalyzed, democracy prevailed and the chapter of the so-called New Greek Photography begun. Naturally, the increasing interest for society and arts includes, among others, the interest for the artistic and creative photography, which is now regenerated. In Thessaloniki some important progress was noted in New Greek Photography, for example, in 1984, the establishment of a group of photographers in a company that will later play an important role to the Contemporary Greek Photography. This group, known as the Photographic Center of Thessaloniki, was working and still works on all the axis of modern creative expression of the mean. Among those axis, we notice the creation of a network of photographic exchanges with the immediate international frame, e.g the Balkan countries.

Therefore, in 1996 the ASPECTS OF BALKAN PHOTOGRAPHY was born. Initially, it was just about the invitations of Balkan photographs to visit Thessaloniki and show their works. However, since 2001, we notice great revulsion. The exhibitions are multiplied, acquire the nature of big individual or group (sometimes thematical or not) exhibitions that are accompanied by meetings or other parallel events. For the first time, a common volume registers the separate history of photography in every country and an effort is made in order to create an enacted network for communication, dialogue and diffusion of Balkan photography.

The variety of photographic aspects that participate in this interbalkan dialogue is huge. Despite the separate non-scheduled special meetings, the intention is to enable them participate in this international dialogue as much as possible, for the wider possible range of modern artistic expression (The thematic units or the group exhibitions per schools and styles release the hands of all commissaries). The common points of history, civilization and everyday life of Balkan people, rapprochement points with particular importance in the intense days we are going through, may be the first base for development of this common project. Nowadays, we all go on, since photography writes its own history. The formation of the network ASPECTS OF BALKAN PHOTOGRAPHY is attributed to a network parallel to the big European and American networks that we hope will contribute greatly to our internationalized society. It is a matter of infrastructure and substantial international relations.

The artists we had the daring to invite and introduce in the Greek public as well as in the public of other countries later,  the majority didn’t know anything about their work, provoked great surprise at local, national and international level which, in a way, managed to overrule the cultural map of the area. Thus, with the use of a photography that manages to proceed to dialogue with the most modern problems of our era, the organization became a dynamic institution which, after all those years, has acquired loyal friends and sponsors, an institution under evolution with perpetual productions of high level, productions that ring a bell to more and more public and creators.

by Karkatselis Vassilisart


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